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Sarah Harris : Always smartly dressed with just a hint of subversion, Sarah Harris knows how to maintain a balance with her style, which we know you can get down with, diplomatic Libra.

Easy, breezy, beautiful Valentino girl Alternation caption: "In the Trenches," in honor of the sickest trench coat I've ever worn maisonvalentino gonewiththewindfabulous. Shiona Turini : Striped crop tops, impeccably tailored trousers, sky-high heels — Shiona Turini knows how to turn up the drama when it comes to getting dressed every morning.

We are here for it, and so are you, sensual Scorpio. Miami pastels.

Your Street-Style Match, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Her edgy, Cali-girl style is the definition of effortless, with lots of cut-offs, Converse, and crop tops thrown into the mix. Suede textures in Paris where it's starting to feel like fall! Olivia Palermo : Olivia Palermo is always dressed to impress — and for success. Sound like someone else you know, Cap? This is sponsored: Pretty glad mytheresa. Let her infectious energy infuse your own dressing rituals and let your authenticity shine. My new shades.

Daily Horoscope: December 28th to December 29th

The coolest glasses I own. Soho NYC. A post shared by Linda Rodin. There needs to be a grey heart emoji and a white heart emoji to show how I feel about my accessories today. Frills on frills for tonight's zimmermann Resort '18 show! Talk about romantic She also always looks completely comfortable and relaxed in her clothes never uptight or awkward , and we know how important feeling chill is to you, Taurus.

Go ahead, rock those maxi dresses all year long! Jenny Walton : As fashion director of The Sartorialist , Jenny Walton has to maintain an insatiable curiosity for fashion to keep the brand relevant and focused. Dream job, amirite, Gemini? Does your zodiac-inspired street-style star match your own personal style? Tweet us BritandCo and let us know what you think! Featured photo via shionat. Somehow he flew through Halloween, and we're already talking Thanksgiving say what?! Not to worry!


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How Fun and Festive! Your December Horoscope is Here!

They like having a plan and taking steps to achieve success. They do best in the corporate world where structure is needed.

By Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope

Water is related to our emotions and many excel at counseling. They are highly empathic and each sign has its own unique energy. Looking for a more in-depth analysis of what the cosmos hold for your career? Wolf pinpoints the key traits, and best and worst careers for each sign, below.

As a leader, you have great ideas but dislike getting mired in the tiny details. You enjoy accomplishing tasks from big to small. You love to support and nurture people but can feel burdened by this responsibility, too.

May 1, 2018

You shine in careers that show off your dynamic personality. Plus you need to be in charge of something. You love to cross things off your to-do list. Because you are graceful under pressure, you work best in partnerships with other people. Outspoken and self-starting, you can only work in a career that you feel very passionate about. You enjoy your freedoms of movement and self-expression and do best working in a field that allows you both.

By Tiffany Stevens

Friendly and autonomous, you get along with most people, yet you have no problems voicing a divergent opinion. A visionary like Albert Einstein and Dr. Seuss, you work best in a situation where you can actualize what you see in your imagination. Read Next. Creative September 6,