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The Society was organized as a non-proselytizing, non-sectarian entity. The International Headquarters of the Society was eventually established in Adyar, a suburb of Madras. Following Blavatskys death, disagreements among prominent Theosophists caused a series of splits and several Theosophical Societies and Organizations emerged. As of Theosophy remains an active philosophical school with presences in more than 50 countries around the world. Blavatsky is most well known for her promulgation of a theosophical system of thought, often referred to under various names, including: The Occult Science, The Esoteric Tradition, The Wisdom of the Ages, etc.

Theosophy and its doctrines are often referred to as a new-fangled religion. Is it a religion? It is not. Theosophy is Divine Knowledge or Science. What is the real meaning of the term? The word theos means a god in Greek, one of the divine beings, certainly not "God" in the sense attached in our day to the term. Therefore, it is not "Wisdom of God," as translated by some, but Divine Wisdom such as that possessed by the gods.

The term is many thousand years old. What is the origin of the name? It comes to us from the Alexandrian philosophers, called lovers of truth, Philaletheians, from phil "loving," and aletheia "truth. She also wrote over articles in various theosophical magazines and periodicals. Overview Scope Broadly, Theosophy attempts to reconcile humanity's scientific, philosophical, and religious disciplines and practices into a unified worldview.

As it largely employs a synthesizing approach, it makes extensive use of the vocabulary and concepts of many philosophical and religious traditions. However these, along with all other fields of knowledge, are investigated, amended, and explained within an esoteric or occult framework. In often elaborate exposition, Theosophy's all-encompassing worldview proposes explanations for the origin, workings and ultimate fate of the universe and humanity; it has therefore also been called a system of "absolutist metaphysics".

According to Blavatsky, this postulated science provides a description of Reality not only at a physical level, but also on a metaphysical one. The Occult Science is said to have been preserved and practiced throughout history by carefully selected and trained individuals. It is commonly held by Theosophists that many of the basic Theosophical tenets may in the future be empirically and objectively verified by science, as it develops further. In this sense, the Theosophical literature has predicted some findings which were later corroborated by modern science.

For example, the accepted model of the atom in the 19th century resembled that of a billiard ball - a small, solid sphere. It was only in that J. Thomson discovered the electron suggesting that the atom was not an "indivisible" particle, as John Dalton had suggested, but a jigsaw puzzle made of smaller pieces. Nine years before, in , Blavatsky had written: The atom is elastic, ergo, the atom is divisible, and must consist of particles, or of sub-atoms. And these sub-atoms? They are either non-elastic, and in such case they represent no dynamic importance, or, they are elastic also; and in that case, they, too, are subject to divisibility.

And thus ad infinitum. But infinite divisibility of atoms resolves matter into simple centers of force, i. In The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky spoke of a basic item of cosmogony reflected in the ancient saying: as above, so below. This item is used by many theosophists as a method of study and has been called The Law of Correspondences. Briefly, the law of correspondences states that the microcosm is the miniature copy of the macrocosm and therefore what is found below can be found, often through analogy, above. Examples include the basic structures of microcosmic organisms mirroring the structure of macrocosmic organisms see septenary systems, below.

The lifespan of a human being can be seen to follow, by analogy, the same path as the seasons of the Earth, and in theosophy it is postulated that the same general process is equally applied to the lifespan of a planet, a solar system, a galaxy and to the universe itself. Through the Law of Correspondences, a theosophist seeks to discover the first principles underlying various phenomenon by finding the shared essence or idea, and thus to move from particulars to principles.

Applications Applied Theosophy was one of the main reasons for the foundation of the Theosophical Society in see below ; the practice of Theosophy was considered an integral part of its contemporary incarnation. Also, the acceptance and practical application of the Society's motto and of its three objectives are part of the Theosophical life.

Efforts at applying its tenets started early. Study and meditation are normally promoted in the activities of the Theosophical Society, and in an international charitable organization to promote service, the Theosophical Order of Service, was founded. Terminology Despite extensively using Sanskrit terminology in her works, many Theosophical concepts are expressed differently than in the original scriptures. To provide clarity on her intended meanings, Blavatsky's The Theosophical Glossary was published in , one year after her death.

According to the editor, G. Basic Tenets Three Fundamental Propositions Blavatsky explained the essential component ideas of her cosmogony in her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine. She began with three fundamental propositions, of which she said: Before the reader proceeds it is absolutely necessary that he should be made acquainted with the few fundamental conceptions which underlie and pervade the entire system of thought to which his attention is invited. These basic ideas are few in number, and on their clear apprehension depends the understanding of all that follows[39] The first proposition is that there is one underlying, unconditioned, indivisible Truth, variously called "the Absolute", "the Unknown Root", "the One Reality", etc.

It is causeless and timeless, and therefore unknowable and non-describable: "It is 'Be-ness' rather than Being". Everything in the universe is informed by the potentialities present in the "Unknown Root," and manifest with different degrees of Life or energy , Consciousness, and Matter. The second proposition is "the absolute universality of that law of periodicity, of flux and reflux, ebb and flow". Accordingly, manifest existence is an eternally re-occurring event on a "boundless plane": " 'the playground of numberless Universes incessantly manifesting and disappearing,' "[44] each one "standing in the relation of an effect as regards its predecessor, and being a cause as regards its successor",[45] doing so over vast but finite periods of time.

These Monads undergo a process of evolution where consciousness unfolds and matter develops. This evolution is not random, but informed by intelligence and with a purpose. Evolution follows distinct paths in accord with certain immutable laws, aspects of which are perceivable on the physical level. One such law is the law of periodicity and cyclicity; another is the law of karma or cause and effect. In the recapitulation of The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky gave a summary of the central points of her system of cosmogony.

The first item reiterates Blavatskys position that The Secret Doctrine represents the accumulated Wisdom of the Ages, a system of thought that is the uninterrupted record covering thousands of generations of Seers whose respective experiences were made to test and to verify the traditions passed orally by one early race to another, of the teachings of higher and exalted beings, who watched over the childhood of Humanity. The second item reiterates the first fundamental proposition see above , calling the one principle the fundamental law in that system [of cosmogony].

Here Blavatsky says of this principle that it is the One homogeneous divine Substance-Principle, the one radical cause. It is called Substance-Principle, for it becomes substance on the plane of the manifested Universe, an illusion, while it remains a principle in the beginningless and endless abstract, visible and invisible Space. It is the omnipresent Reality: impersonal, because it contains all and everything.

Its impersonality is the fundamental conception of the System. It is latent in every atom in the Universe, and is the Universe itself. The third item reiterates the second fundamental proposition see above , impressing once again that The Universe is the periodical manifestation of this unknown Absolute Essence. This item presents the idea that the One unconditioned and absolute principle is covered over by its veil, Mulaprakriti, that the spiritual essence is forever covered by the material essence. The fourth item is the common eastern idea of Maya illusion. Blavatsky states that the entire universe is called illusion because everything in it is temporary, i.

The fifth item reiterates the third fundamental proposition see above , stating that everything in the universe is conscious, in its own way and on its own plane of perception. Because of this, the Occult Philosophy states that there are no unconscious or blind laws of Nature, that all is governed by.

The sixth item gives a core idea of theosophical philosophy, that as above, so below. This is known as the law of correspondences, its basic premise being that everything in the universe is worked and manifested from within outwards, or from the higher to the lower, and that thus the lower, the microcosm, is the copy of the higher, the macrocosm. Just as a human being experiences every action as preceded by an internal impulse of thought, emotion or will, so too the manifested universe is preceded by impulses from divine thought, feeling and will. This item gives rise to the notion of an almost endless series of hierarchies of sentient beings, which itself becomes a central idea of many theosophists.

The law of correspondences also becomes central to the methodology of many theosophists, as they look for analogous correspondence between various aspects of reality, for instance: the correspondence between the seasons of Earth and the process of a single human life, through birth, growth, adulthood and then decline and death. Thus, the evolutionary "pilgrimage" proceeds cyclically through seven stages, the three first steps involving an apparent involution, the fourth one being one of equilibrium, and the last three involving a progressive development.

There are seven symbols of particular importance to the Society's symbology: 1 the seal of the Society, 2 a serpent biting its tail, 3 the gnostic cross near the serpent's head , 4 the interlaced triangles, 5 the cruxansata in the centre , 6 the pin of the Society, composed of cruxansata and serpent entwined, forming together "T.

The seal of the Society contains all of these symbols, except aum, and thus contains, in symbolic form, the doctrines its members follow. Main article: Planes of existence The Cosmos does not consist only of the physical plane that can be perceived with the five senses, but there is a succession of seven Cosmic planes of existence, composed of increasingly subtler forms of matter-energy, and in which states of consciousness other than the commonly known can manifest.

Blavatsky described the planes according to these states of consciousness. In her system, for example, the plane of the material and concrete. Later Theosophists like Charles Webster Leadbeater and Annie Besant classified the seven planes according to the kind of subtle matter that compose them. Since both the higher and lower mental planes share the same type of subtle matter, they regard them as one single plane with two subdivisions. In this later view the seven cosmic planes include from spiritual to material : 1.

Main article: Subtle body Just as the Cosmos is not limited to its physical dimension, human beings have also subtler dimensions and bodies. The "Septenary Nature of Man" was described by Blavatsky in, among other works, The Key to Theosophy; in descending order, it ranges from a postulated purely spiritual essence called a "Ray of the Absolute" to the physical body.

Principles are the seven basic constituents of the universe, usually described by Mme. Blavatsky as follows: 1. These Principles in Man may or may not form one or more bodies.

Blavatsky's teachings about subtle bodies were few and not very systematic. In an article she described three subtle bodies:[54] Linga Sharira - the Double or Astral body Mayavi-rupa - the "Illusion-body. The Linga Sharira is the invisible double of the human body, elsewhere referred to as the etheric body or doppelgnger and serves as a model or matrix of the physical body, which conforms to the shape, appearance and condition of his "double".

The linga sarira can be separated or projected a limited distance from the body. When separated from the body it can be wounded by sharp objects. When it returns to the physical frame, the wound will be reflected in the physical counterpart, a phenomenon called "repercussion. This can be seen over the graves like a luminous figure of the man that was, during certain atmospheric conditions.

The mayavi-rupa is dual in its functions, being: " Therefore, besides the dense physical body, the subtle bodies in a human being are: Etheric body vehicle of prana Emotional or astral body vehicle of desires and emotions Mental body vehicle of the concrete or lower mind Causal body vehicle of the abstract or higher mind These bodies go up to the higher mental plane. The two higher spiritual Principles of Buddhi and Atma do not form bodies proper but are something more like "sheaths".

Rounds and Races Main article: Root races It follows from the above that to Theosophy, all Evolution is basically the evolution of Consciousness, physicalbiological evolution being only a constituent part. At that point the process reverses towards a respiritualization of consciousness.

The experience gained in the previous evolutionary stages is retained; and so consciousness inexorably advances towards greater completeness. Theosophy describes humanity's evolution on Earth in the doctrine of Root races. A component of that investment was the gradual appearance of contemporary human physiology, which finalized to the form known to early 21st century medical science during the fourth Root race. The appearance of Root races is not strictly serial; they first develop while the preceding Race is still dominant.

Older races complete their evolutionary cycle and die out; the present fifth Root race will in time evolve into the more advanced spiritually sixth. Humanity's evolution is a subset of planetary evolution, which is described in the doctrine of Rounds, itself a subject of Theosophy's Esoteric cosmology. Rounds may last hundreds of millions of years each. Theosophy states that Earth is currently in the fourth Round of the planet's own sevenfold development. Regarding the origin the human races on earth, Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine argued for polygenism "the simultaneous evolution of seven human groups on seven different portions of our globe".

Nor was there ever a first manwhether Adam or Yimabut a first mankind. It may, or may not, be "mitigated polygenism. Blavatsky used the compounded word Root race to describe each of the seven successive stages of human evolution that take place over large time periods in her cosmology. A Root-race is the archetype from which spring all the races that form humanity in a particular evolutionary cycle.

She called the current Root-race, the fifth one, "Aryan,". She described the Aryan Root-race in the following way: The Aryan races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy colour, are yet all of one and the same stock the Fifth Root-Race and spring from one single progenitor, The Semites, especially the Arabs, are later Aryans degenerate in spirituality and perfected in materiality. Of such semi-animal creatures, the sole remnants known to Ethnology were the Tasmanians, a portion of the Australians and a mountain tribe in China, the men and women of which are entirely covered with hair [69].

These levels of evolution are independent. A highly evolved Monad may incarnate, for karmic reasons, in a rather crude personality. Also, a very intellectual person may be less evolved at the spiritual level than an illiterate. She also states that cultures follow a cycle of rising, development, degeneration, and eventually disappear. Also, according to her there is a fixed number of reincarnating souls evolving, all of which are beyond sex, nationality, religion, and other physical or cultural characteristics.

In its evolutionary journey, every soul has to take birth in every culture in the world, where it acquires different skills and learns different lessons. Blavatsky does not claim that the present Aryan Root-race is the last and highest of them all. The Indo-European races will also eventually degenerate and disappear, as new and more developed races and cultures develop on the planet: Thus will mankind, race after race, perform its appointed cycle-pilgrimage. Climates will, and have already begun, to change, each tropical year after the other dropping one sub-race, but only to beget another higher race on the ascending cycle; while a series of other less favoured groups the failures of nature will, like some individual men, vanish from the human family without even leaving a trace behind.

The first aim of the Theosophical Society she founded is "To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour", and her writings also include references emphasizing the unity of humanity: "all men have spiritually and physically the same origin" and that "mankind is essentially of one and the same essence". Hume was particularly involved in the founding of the Indian National Congress.

Rudolf Steiner, head of the German branch of the Theosophical Society in the early part of the 20th-century, disagreed with the Adyar-based international leadership of the Society over several doctrinal matters including the so-called World Teacher Project see above. Steiner left the Theosophical Society in to promote his own Theosophy-influenced philosophy, which he called Anthroposophy through a new organization, the Anthroposophical Society; the great majority of German-speaking Theosophists joined him in the new group.

New Age Movement The present-day New Age movement is said to be based to a considerable extent on the Theosophical tenets and ideas presented by Blavatsky and her contemporaries. It has been the major force in the dissemination of occult literature in the West in the twentieth century. Scholarship Scholar Alvin Boyd Kuhn wrote his thesis, Theosophy: A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom, on the subject the first instance in which an individual obtained his doctorate with a thesis on Theosophy.

Science Very few scientists have been Theosophists, though some notable exceptions have included the chemists William Crookes and Ernest Lester Smith who were elected members of the British Royal Society and I. Taimni a professor of Chemistry at the Allahabad University in India.

Lovecraft, and L. Frank Baum. Composer Alexander Scriabin was a Theosophist whose beliefs influenced his music, especially by providing a justification or rationale for his chromatic language. Scriabin devised a quartal synthetic chord, often called his "mystic" chord, and before his death Scriabin planned a multimedia work to be performed in the Himalayas that would bring about the armageddon; "a grandiose religious synthesis of all arts which would herald the birth of a new world.

Leo Tolstoy It is known that H. Blavatsky presented her book The Voice of the Silence. The Seven gates. Two ways to Leo Tolstoy. At the first page of the book was made an inscription on a gift:. To count Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy, one of the few, from author H. According to reminiscences of D. Makovitsky, on October, L. Tolstoy said that H. Blavatsky wrote him from England about fifteen years ago. Blavatsky sends the book to Tolstoy soon after its publishing in The books are well known.

They contain many good but it is wrong only that they say about that the human do not has to know [84] Such a note Leo Tolstoy has made on the envelope of I. Lavrovs letter on August 16, In this letter Lavrov asked him about his relation to the book H. The Voice of the Silence. Two ways from the sacred Indian writings. Translation from English of H. Blavatsky, Kaluga, Dicta from the book, presented by H.

Blavatsky, Leo Tolstoy has used in her books The thoughts of wise people, For every day, A circle of reading. He signed their as Brahmins wisdom. From the Voice of the Silence. Lets cite a book of L. Tolstoy For every day: Mar 3. If you want grasp the cognition of a comprehensive I, you must, first of all, to know yourself. In order to know yourself you must to sacrifice your I to universal I. Sacrifice your life if you want live in spirit. Move off your thoughts from external things and all that is received from without. Try to separate the arising images from yourself in order they not cast a shadow on your soul.

Your shadows live and disappear. What is eternal into you, what understand, do not belongs to transient life. This Eternal is this human who was, is and will and the time of which has never was struck. The Brahmin' wisdom. On his copy, L. Tolstoy had marked aphorisms of Ramakrishna, St. Thomas Aquinas, H. Blavatsky from The Voice of the Silence. Leonid Sabaneev, in his book Reminiscences about Scriabin , wrote that Blavatskys The Secret Doctrine and journals Bulletin of theosophy constantly were on Scriabins work table [88]]. Scriabin reread the Secret Doctrine very carefully and marked the most important places by a pencil.

Sabaneev wrote: Blavatsky has for him more sacred authority than any Gospel. Here, probably, we can talk about the influence. He said about plans, seven races, manvantaras and so on as about self-evident things, very clear and undisputable, and strongly rises against the doubts that I speak concerning to truth of one or another Blavatskys statement, and objects me with persistence and zeal of neophyte.

One can really think that he became a true theosophist. As he owned, Blavatsky and her books attract him due to bold attempt of grandiose synthesis, breadth and depth of her views and all that he highly appreciated in another field, and in Wagners creativity. Well-known and controversial during her life, Blavatsky was influential on spiritualism and related subcultures: "The western esoteric tradition has no more important figure in modern times. She taught about very abstract and metaphysical principles, but also sought to denounce and correct superstitions that, in her view, had grown in different esoteric religions.

Some of these statements are controversial. For example, she quotes Dr. According to Blavatsky the church turned him into Satan which means "the opponent" to misrepresent pre-Christian beliefs and fit him into the newly framed Christian dogmas. A similar view is also shared by the Christian Gnostics, ancient and modern. Throughout much of Blavatsky's public life her work drew harsh criticism from some of the learned authorities of her day, as for example when she said that the atom was divisible,[96] and other controversial statements that were later found true.

There are, however, many statements that remain to be verified. Critics pronounced her claim of the existence of masters of wisdom to be utterly false, and accused her of being a charlatan, a false medium, evil, a spy for the Russians, a smoker of cannabis, a spy for the English, a racist and a falsifier of letters. Most of the accusations remain undocumented. Skeptics have painted her as a great fraud. Blavatsky was accused of having plagiarized a number of sources, copying the texts crudely enough to misspell the more difficult words.

In the book Guenon claimed that Blavatsky had acquired all her knowledge naturally from other books not from any supernatural masters. Guenon points out that Blavatsky spent a long time visiting a library at New York where she had easy access to the works of Jacob Boehme, Eliphas Levi, the Kabbala and other Hermetic treatises. Guenon also wrote that Blavatsky had borrowed passages taken from a translation of extracts from the Kanjur and Tanjur published in in the twentieth volume of the Asiatic Researchers of Calcutta by Sndor Krsi Csoma an eccentric orientalist. Carroll wrote that Blavatsky had faked a materialization of a tea cup and saucer as well as written the messages from her masters herself.

I admire a great spirit and fiery heart of our great compatriot, and I know that in future Russia her name will be put up to the proper mark of honoring. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is really our. She was a great Martyr for the Light and True. Eternal glory to her! Blavatsky], the more necessary it is now. Recently, we have heard again that some people do not read books but at once, they say gloatingly and with injustice of ignorance about that they do not know and do not wish to know.

It is sad that certain people wish to fight but only at all not there where their struggle is needed. Helena Ivanovna [Roerich] is convinced that an institute named after H. Blavatsky will be established at her Motherland. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian painter, philosopher and scientist Whatever the critics said about m-me Blavatsky or colonel Olcott or d-r Bezant, their contribution to development of humanism will already be very important.

Mahatma Gandhi, one of the leaders and ideologists of the movement for India independence, philosopher Perhaps, H. Blavatsky, after her long stay in India, firstly established a strong connection between these barbarians and our culture. This gives rise to one of the greatest spiritual movements which unites today many peoples in Theosophical society. Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter, graphic artist, one of the founders of abstract art. Here, near Madras, at a suburb Adyar near a little river with the same name , a center of new original brotherhood has been established.

An American colonel Olcott was a friend and active assistant of H. Blavatsky, known in Russian literature as Radda-Bay. Blavatsky has drawn a storm of charges in charlatanism and nearly because of suspiciousness of the English had forever leaved this loved by her and full of miracles peninsula.

But her art to excite the disinterested liking and devotion of the natives, their dim thirst for unity under the banner of this strange northern woman from the people which is quite alien to England, her regular travels over the country in order to draw closer to Magi for the purpose of getting of right to access to various hidden secrets of Brahmans and Jainism all this together creates for Blavatsky an exclusive position which nobody has from the ancient times, perhaps, from the distant days when, at the turn of the 19th to 20th century, the clairvoyants said with their primitively thinking congeners in the language of Gods.

For the present and future India, Blavatsky is not died and will not die never. Incidents in the Life of Madame Blavatsky. Blavatsky wrote to Prince A. There were thousands books for alchemy, magic and other occult sciences. North Atlantic Books, Helena P. Incidents in the Life of Madame Blavatsky, p. The Theosophical Society is absolutely unsectarian, and no assent to any formula of belief, faith or creed shall be required as a qualification of membership; but every applicant and member must lie in sympathy with the effort to create the nucleus of an Universal Brotherhood of Humanity.

See Theosophia. See Theosophists. Multipage Encyclopedia entry includes a concise description of Theosophical philosophy in "[Section:] 2. Theosophy and the Theosophical Society" [pp. Blavatsky , p. The secret teachings with regard to the Evolution of the Universal Kosmos cannot be given, Moreover the Teachers say openly that not even the highest Dhyani-Chohans have ever penetrated the mysteries beyond those boundaries that separate the milliards of Solar systems from the 'Central Sun,' as it is called. Therefore, that which is given, relates only to our visible Kosmos, There is this difference, however, that while the observation and experience of physical science lead the Scientists to about as many 'working' hypotheses as there are minds to evolve them, our knowledge consents to add to its lore only those facts which have become undeniable, and which are fully and absolutely demonstrated.

We have no two beliefs or hypotheses on the same subject. That for long ages, the 'Wise Men' of the Fifth Race, By checking, testing, and verifying in every department of nature the traditions of old by the independent visions of great adepts; i. No vision of one adept was accepted until it was checked and confirmed by the visionsso obtained as to stand as independent evidenceof other adepts, and by centuries of experiences.

The Fellows may be Christians or Mussulmen, Jews or Parsees, Buddhists or Brahmins, Spiritualists or Materialists, it does not matter; but every member must be either a philanthropist, or a scholar, a searcher into Aryan and other old literature, or a psychic student. In short, he has to help, if he can, in the carrying out of at least one of. It implies that this expansion, not being an increase in size for infinite extension admits of no enlargement was a change of condition.

We men must remember that because we do not perceive any signswhich we can recogniseof consciousness, say, in stones, we have no right to say that no consciousness exists there. There is no such thing as either 'dead' or 'blind' matter, as there is no 'Blind' or 'Unconscious' Law". Blavatsky states that each complete cycle lasts ,,,, years. Theosophical Publishing Society. The Path 1, 2, Theosophical University Press Online. Retrieved on: More accurate terms according to Blavatsky would be the notions of "subject" spirit and "object" matter. Spirit or Consciousness and Matter are, however, to be regarded, not as independent realities, but as the two facets or aspects of the Absolute"; Blavatsky , p.

They cover the complicated Monad doctrine in some detail]. One of the reasons for the "Root" appelation is in order to account for constituent evolutionary paths called "sub-races". Occult data show that even since the time of the regular establishment of the Zodiacal calculations in Egypt, the poles have been thrice inverted. Humanity appeared on this Earth, there have already been four such axial disturbances; when the old continents save the first one were sucked in by.

The face of the Globe was completely changed each time". Hence every sidereal body, every planet, whether visible or invisible, is credited with six companion globes. Our Earth During the first three, it forms and consolidates; during the fourth it settles and hardens; during the last three it gradually returns to its first ethereal form: it is spiritualised, so to say. Its Humanity develops fully only in the Fourthour present Round.

Up to this fourth Life-Cycle, it is referred to as 'humanity' only for lack of a more appropriate term. During the three Rounds to come, Humanity, like the globe on which it lives, will be ever tending to reassume its primeval form II, p. Religion and Philosophy, Vol. II, pp. The Theosophical Glossary, , pp. The Thule Society was one of several German occult groups that later drew on Ariosophy to promote their so-called Aryan supremacy doctrine.

This provided a direct link between occult racial theories and the racial ideology of Hitler and the emerging Nazi party. Note "Chronology of the New Age Movement" pp. Blavatsky to A. Sinnett, by. Trevor Barker, , p. Retrieved Blavatsky, Helena P. London: The Theosophical Publishing Company. The Key to Theosophy Reprint ed. Pasadena, California: Theosophical University Press. ISBN Olcott, Henry S. January The Theosophist 12 4 : Gordon Gordon Melton. New Age Encyclopedia. Farmington Hills, Michigan: Gale Research. In Edward Craig.

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If you are searching for answers, maybe astro search has the clues you need. Name of Site: URL: astrosurf. One of its many arms is the astrology section. You need to sign in first, because they need your demographics. Market research has told them that you believe in astrology, so you'll probably buy anything. Here you find your daily or yearly horoscope - yes you are at a turning point and a lot of things you have been thinking about are going to start happening. You can play the name game - putting your name and your partners name in and getting an instant reading as to your compatibility - change partners or, hey, just change your name!

Check your biorhythms and your career horoscope. It's all a little too pop for me, and I wonder if the only reason I am here is to feed the marketing machine, and the info I just put in to get my readings just qualified me for a discounted insurance policy. They delve into the historical perspective - when people knew nothing about anything, they believed in astral configurations and attached a whole bunch of meaning to them. These beliefs have been embellished over time to the point that now anything and everything from world events to spraining your ankle can be explained by the alignment of the heavenly bodies.

A lot of explaining is done here about how this actually 'works', and eminent astologers have written a few interesting articles on celebrity astrology, ascending planets and the dilemma of being born on a cusp and not knowing what the hell you are. Once you have it all explained, it's time to grace the order form for some quite resonably priced charts, including a "Mother Goose" chart for the kiddies, so you can imprint their minds when they are most vulnerable.

It isn't much to look at, apart from a nice header graphic and a few colourful icons, but it provides a great range of tools and information about this whole celestial thing. Some of it goes a bit far, like attributing a spam email to a divine configuration, but they do give you plenty of rational and reasoned resources to begin your astral journey. Moon phase charts, biorhythm calculators, chart creators, bibliography, celebrity horoscope data, greeting cards, a Sabian Oracle, articles and an astrologers toolbox are just some of the treasures to be found here.

I think the philosophy here is "throw it all at the wallchart and see what sticks" - and it's not a bad philosophy because everyone is looking for something different. I'm a total sceptic when it comes to astrology as if you couldn't guess but even I found some interesting stuff here. They have built software solutions that they claim to be the best in the world at providing accurate and personalised horoscopes.

This site is packed with content - input your date, time and place of birth and find out not only who you are, but who to love, what to do and where to go for a holiday. It doesn't stop there - endless reams of interviews and articles go indepth into how Saturn and Pluto caused September 11, Chiron and Pluto caused George Harrison's stabbing and why Russell Crowe starred in Gladiator. If you can swallow any of this, it's time to head to the shop and discover your place in the solar system through a magical combination of credit card numbers and expiry dates.

Numerology, astrology, Chinese astrology, mantras - if it's mystical, you're looking at it at Fatewatch. Makes you wonder why more doctors don't induce labour more often to create a race of superhumans with perfect birth charts. This site is set up very well, with categories for men, women, teens, love, money, travel, passion, gems, etc. There are a lot of free services and of course the paid ones, once your curiosity has been piqued.

This is the 'gateway to authenticate your destiny' and credit card details so get on board the magical cosmic ride to inevitability as the stars control your every move. Submit and surrender your money and all will be revealed in the financial pages as Fatewatch floats on the stock exchange - SS. WIth an emphasis on making astrology enjoyable as well as useful in your day-to-day life, AdZe provides a good selection of services. Daily horoscopes are a click away, there are a few "try before you buy" readings and a large selection of personalised charts, reports and personal planners that you can order for immediate download or snail-mailing to your door.

There are celebrity reports, hints on finding your star-crossed lover, general astrology info, and plenty of marketing devices built into the site to ensure its popularity, which of course makes for a better site all round. The natal chart looks good for this baby. There is quite a bit of general info about the history and significance of the various zodiac signs, some explaination about the types of readings available, and some articles written by astrologers. Numerous charts and readings are for sale, including a special "Aussie Portrait", "Yearly Forecast", "Mother Goose" for toddlers, and a relationships compatibility chart.

A little background info about the company and the chance to subscribe to their monthly mailing list. Not a huge site, but enough to satisfy the curious. Matrix are the creators of a galactic selection of applications, and have been in the business for eons. They have developed very complex analysis techniques and reporting functionality and have managed to package a program for every need. Their flagship, WinStar, covers most bases, then there is the talking program, that reads your chart to you, Tibetan Astrology, Oracle, Woman to Woman, Child-Star and a whole constellation of other specialised products.

If you don't want to buy the software and set yourself up as a fully fledged consultancy, you can order personalised reports direct from Matrix, all at quite reasonable prices. Why not buy straight from the manufacturer? Awaken your third eye, travel back through your past lives, map your subconscious, see auras, master "throat friction" and "psychic sleeping". Soon you'll be setting up your own number, appearing on talk shows and syndicating yourself to hundreds of magazines.

Astorolgically, there is a free downloadable program and a astro-newsletter. The school seems very established with courses both residential and correspondence, covering all manner of esoteric practices. A range of books are for sale, as well as music and some free vegetarian recipies thrown in for good health. All you need for your new life of psychic, cosmic and karmic wonder. Merlin is a complete kit that installs on your own computer and comes with a laminated sign, instructions, brochures and artwork to get you going.

Merlin covers Western and Chinese astrology, tarot and numerology and adds a few entertaining tid bits to keep your customers coming back for more. If you don't want to splurge all the money up front, a profit-sharing arrangement can be made. Will you make truck loads of money out of it? You'll have to ask Merlin Now you can find out why your dog keeps messing up the carpet or chewing up your favourite shoes - his Aquarian nature is pining for a better world where dogs and humans live in perfect harmony and equality.

This site is definitely lighthearted and makes a bit of fun of the whole Zodiac thing, assigning all the usual human astrological traits to our canine friends. Dog lovers can send in their puppy photos for inclusion in the dog-star gallery, find out how compatible they really are with their pets, purchase popular doggie book titles through Amazon. A few links to other good dog sites are provided as well. To sum this site up in one word Her mission is to reveal to the world that astrology is so much more than your daily horoscopes - although they are readily available here.

She believes that the stars, and your place in amongst them, can guide all aspects of your life from romance to career to fitness and even technology. She has packed enough in to keep even the most skeptical reader amused for hours, with explainantions for celebrity break-ups, dozens of quizzes and profiles, Karmas, Auras and Chakras galore. Although most of what you will get is free, including emailed daily predictions and general star sign info, you'll have to pay for any full charts and reports.

When you look at how thorough our Kelli is, a few dollars spent here should be quite rewarding. He has recently relaunched this domain to be a heavenly outpouring of predictions, enlightenment and esoteric shopping. A lovely flash intro takes you to the various departments - zodiac, soul connector a star-crossed meeting place , compatibility factors, soul shop, and info about Dadichi's more personalised services.

The visual impact of the site is enough to keep you hanging around, and the well presented free information will tempt you to try a more thorough reading. Enter the paranormal contest and share your spooky experience with the world. The value of this site is in the 'grand design'. Actually, though this site is not the mega-portal you might expect, it has some very simple interactive devices and tools designed to brighten up your starry night sky.

Some drop down boxes ask a few questions of each zodiac sign, both banal and "sexy". Check your biorythm for the day, and even pick your lotto numbers. There is a Palm Pilot program demo, free natal chart, paid readings, a "save the world" on-line discussion and email newsletter. That ought to keep you busy, at least until your biorhythms get back into sync.

He also writes books, political ponderings, this web site and a lot of intelligent rock and roll. He is an unlikely astrologer, more of an iconoclast, using the esoteric tendencies of his world-wide audience to tune them into some new ways of thinking. His Zodiac column is syndicated in publications.

Here you get to learn a lot more about the man through his other writings, and even listen to him recite your astrological predictions in Real Audio. All his work is done with a sense of humour and a sense of irreverence for established stereotypes. He calls it "predicting the present". If you really like his work, you won't get a personal reading - he is way too busy - but he'll connect you with a few like-minded practitioners. In the mean time, there is plenty to see, do and hear right here. Name of Site: Yahoo! Chat URL: au. It's big, it's friendly mostly and it's fast.

Chat makes use of a fast loading Java applet or alternately Yahoo's own Messenger program. On entry you are given a list of categorized and sub-categorized rooms accompanied by how many people in each - numbering male, female and squares which presumably means sex undisclosed or possibly that they are a hermaphradite. There are literally hundreds of categories of rooms available with the more popular hosting some people at a time, split up into rooms of 50 people each.

And with the largest rooms in the Romance section, you can pack your cybersex gear, log on and get ready to find "love" Chat or Netscape Chat, Lycos still has a fair number of categories and at least a couple hundred people on the site at any one time. One interesting feature of this site is the related 'clubs' and message boards sections, which provide other avenues of communication with your fellow surfers.

All up Lycos has spent some considerable effort to make a very communal site, but it falls somewhat short simply from lack of participation. One particularly entertaining idea that Talk City features are Chat games, which come in three varieties: Alphabet Soup - make a funny phrase out of random letters, Finders-Keepers - make words out of other words, and Ridiculist - team based trivia.

Chat games are a nice variation for when you just can't find anything meaningful or intelligent to share, not that that seems to stop anyone else. ICQ Chat like most other online chat facilities uses a Java client, however unlike many other sites you won't need to register a profile first, so instead you can just whip on any old anonymous name and jump straight in. One unfortunate side effect of using ICQ Chat is the semi-psychosis induced by the rainbow of colours everyone seems to use here, not just as their text colour but as the background for their text colour as well Being a part of the MSN network you'll need a.

NET Passport to get in, but once that's done you can browse the hundreds of chat rooms available. Unlike some chat sites, there are actually plenty of people spread across virtually all the rooms. The chatting itself is through what is easily the slickest looking client I came across and rooms have moderators and sets of rules with etiquette that is followed fairly strictly. All this alongside tools to stop abuse makes for a fairly safe environment to chat in. Thankfully Chatseek aims to help you in this respect with a selection of links to Chat sites categorized up into topics of conversation.

With close to two hundred chat sites linked in 30 categories, this is a useful resource when you're looking for a good site to visit. It is bound to lead you off onto hundreds of memorable conversations, rather than the usual "what's the weather like in Canada today Pierre? As part of the About.

Featuring a Java applet that lets you plug into the Good Chatting IRC channels, you have access to about 15 or so populated rooms. Julie is a complete chatophile and according to her, at least two couples have married through her channels! So if you're keen to get into chatting without being bowled over by hundreds of rooms, check out this site. When you sign up to On Chat you select a small picture known as an avatar which is then your visual representative in the chat rooms and that's exactly what the rooms are When you enter you see a picture of room, complete with perspective, doors leading out and a bunch of avatars placed around the room for all the other chatters.

You can move your avatar around to stand next to somebody or to make suggestive gestures at them hours of limitless fun right there. After hours of boring old text chat, this was so refreshing and in many ways much better than regular chatrooms, because you can easily see who is talking to who. While it still has some way to go, I think visual chat could be the thing of the future! With plenty of home grown chatters, it's nice to speak to people who aren't experiencing climate patterns and time zones diametrically opposed to our own. And it's relatively popular too, with a variety of rooms and plenty of people, many of whom wholeheartedly recommended the site.

One highlight of BigPond chat is their featured chat sessions which occur regularly, with celebrities such as Mark Geyer passing the talking stick, uh, football to the punters! There's also a news bulletin called LOL News - don't ask and plenty of help for beginners. All up it's a good site, and it cleared up a few mysteries about why my phone rental is so high! His career spans over 70 tumultuous years and his opinions on every world event in that time have been captured in extremely well drawn and witty cartoons.

This site is a monument to his career and work and includes a choice selection of his best and most important work with excellent background information. Some of his cartoons were pivotal in changing public opinion about some major issues. The images are scans of his original drawings and are very clear. Herblock even contributes to the site himself with an insightful essay - "The Cartoon". A truly brilliant career. Pokey is an awfully rendered cartoon basically done by mouse using really bad drawing tools on a computer and the dialogue is typed in dodgy balloons, half crossed out and retyped again.

Somehow the stupid little characters - Pokey, Little Girl, Mr Nutty, Headcheese, The Skeptopotomous and gang - grow on you until you find yourself eagerly anticipating the next great adventure. All the stories are archived for your viewing pleasure. There is a printable Pokey poster to pin up on your bedroom wall, or somewhere far more prominent Bus stop? Telegraph pole? There are fan sites, critical essays on Pokey's philosophies and even a bad imitation, "Prodly the Puffin". All in all a delightful concept that only the Internet could have produced.

Yes its all youthful cynicism and irreverence, but the comic strips are definitely not crap. Stylish, cool and occasionally cute, the characters struggle through the daily challenges of life and all its political correctness, economic rationalism and sexual tension and manage to hit the giggle nerve of a fair slab of visitors. The attached forum is testament to the popularity and shows the angst and cynicism rife in the populace.

There are some great contributions in the "resistance" section - rants and observations of life in the hope that it may one day change. It's not really a sin; you are just swimming against the current. The daily dose is only ever going to be one strip, so until you are in the loop, you need to check the archive to see where the whole thing is going and decide if it is your cup of soup. Scott Kurtz is a diligent cartoonist and has been fairly consistent for the last four years churning out his brand of humour.

A quick click around and you find his subject matter is very diverse and the simple clean characters deliver the snappy dialogue with great facial expressions. It's a bit "Dilberty" with less nerd and more cool. A selection of rants and raves as well as a huge forum accompany the library of strips laid out in a clickable calendar. It won't be long before you'll be making a daily drop-in to see how Chloe, Brent, Jade, Francis and co. WebComics collects a myriad of line art masterpieces and delivers them on a daily, weekly or random basis.

The range of material is staggering, with new stuff pouring in every minute. By involving the audience to suggest new comics or even submit their own work, the site is expanding healthily. They have collected over 18, links to the kinds of sites cartoon lovers might enjoy - toys, humour, animation, kids stuff - and filled the site with news, a discussion board, top 30 toon chart, poll and quirky chat bots.

It's all in good humour, so start poking around for a good laugh. Major syndication, spin-off products, a TV show and, of course, this Website. With the dollars flowing in from the four corners of the globe, Mr Scott Adams doesn't have too much trouble offering plenty of fun and games online, especially since he may also turn the site into a little earner at the same time. Hundreds of strips are here for your enjoyment, but then you can buy one and have it printed on a t-shirt or framed for your office cubicle wall.

A fascinating section on the origins of Dilbert shows his very first attempts that were sent to the major newspapers and the rejection letters he received. They'd be kicking themselves now as Dilbert and company blaze a trail as large as any corporation Dilbert could ever work for. Make your own comic strips! A three-panel strip offers a selection of countless characters and the choice of thought bubble or speech bubble.

All you have to do is add the dialogue and you have yourself a comic strip. You can also alter the background and add narration, which just about covers anything you need. The community involvement here is heavy. Thousands of people have had a go at being budding Charles Schultz's and rating the work of their fellow creative geniuses. The forum is exploding with commentary in well-organised categories.

All this amateur creativity might get a bit much for some, but like a good karaoke contest, you are likely to stumble across some pure gems. The artwork is first class to bolster the occasionally dubious dialogue. In no time you'll be signing up yourself and joining the hoards of instant internationally published comic strip creators. Daryl Cagle, master cartoonist, has taken it upon himself to curate and update a massive archive of political editorial cartoons.

Nothing is sacred here as all current topics are covered, from war in the Middle East to paedophile priests, privacy and the death penalty. The commentary is sharp and funny and really highlights the stupidity of our system, our leaders and our institutions. There are some interesting cartoons from places like Iran, showing their reaction to the Bush administration's "Axis of Evil" taunts. It's not all doom and gloom, though. There are sporting cartoons and general humour as well. Send a greeting card, check the daily updates or just scour through the countless syndicated and non-syndicated cartoons.

There is even a complete guide to help teachers get the kids to understand what all this lampooning is all about. Name of Site: Comics. The lucky registrant of comics. The content is so extensive you would get lost if it wasn't for the tabular and drop down menu system they have implemented, which take you to the innumerable strips. Each strip has archives, regular updates and the chance to email your favourites to a friend or get them regularly sent to your own in-tray.

There is a large store, selling books, videos, clothing, mugs and more. UA have the rights to some major classics, like Peanuts and Li'l Abner so you will never tire of browsing around this comic superstore. These interactive shockwave cartoons of such freaks as Xylene, Beetleboy and Dr Fingo-Ho take you through some strange scenarios. They all speak alien languages with the translation popping up along the way, as you click on the pictures to bring life to various mutated creatures.

What's the point? Who cares? Just keep clicking away and travel further and further down the road to insanity. You might just escape reality long enough to face it again, or you might just never come back. Joe Cartoon is a very sick man, and a very talented one, too. These animated splatter fests will desensitize you in minutes to the worst carnage you will ever encounter in your life. These gerbils, frogs and dolphins really cop a hiding and still manage to maintain their good humour.

It's sick, it's perverted, and it's very funny. The voices and animations are first class and Joe just keeps adding to the archive more and more vomit-inducing grossness. Be sure to buy a t-shirt so that everyone will know just how insane you really are. You enjoy this gratuitous violence and you are proud of it. It is time to make fun of the whole problem with a gang of freaky psychedelic crack whores and gangsters. The style is pure graffiti with a lot of obscenity and cartoon nudity and shoot-em-up violence thrown in for good measure.

Plenty of Ebonics in the dialogue and no respect for anybody or anything - which is kind of exactly what the crack scene has become. If it wasn't so close to the truth it might be funnier. This site is a stoners' paradise. Drugs, flashbacks and freak-outs. Just don't try any of this at home. From Mad magazine's Spy vs. Spy to Dick Tracy, Broom Hilda and Fred Basset, the archives are filled with endless reams of comic strips for your enjoyment. Drop down menus provide an easy way to navigate through the content, whilst encouraging you to please buy a t-shirt or other merchandise along the way to help the Web division of the corporation turn a profit.

Each comic has a brief "about" section and a bulletin board. The bulletin board system is a little inefficient since is spreads the users across dozens of comics, reducing the overall community involvement. Still, they own a lot of copyright, so you will not be disappointed in the substantial offerings provided. The endless stream of work the major media channels reject. Why do they reject them? Well as you will see sometimes it is because they are just not good enough, but sometimes the material is just not appropriate for their corporate image or editorial stance.

Unfortunately this site lacks a little in its presentation, which does not help the budding talents represented. The store is limited, and the "site map" link goes to a credits page and biog of the site's creator - no help. Once you finally do get into the comic strips and cartoons, you will be pleasantly surprised with the standard.

Although rather inconsistent, it is certainly as readable as your average collection in your local paper. It's a nice tidy selection of regular characters with a few one-offs to pad out the pages. Java games and solitaire share your attention span with a small but good quality selection of comic strips, single panel comics, serials and featured comics.

You can choose to read a wide selection of material on one page or browse the comics by name. Users rank the comics and also rank and recommend comic links so that an active Top links chart is created and the best comics on the site get priority linking on the main page. It is a good idea to have mixed in some games among the cartoons, since most cartoon-only sites can get a little tedious, at least here you can take a breather and blow up a few asteroids while you regain your sense of humour.

The Drug Reform Coordination Network www. Some very convincing arguments are presented here, which after reading may motivate you to join the mailing list or become more active in helping a global inconsistency which affects us all. The on line library is a wealth of information for anyone interested in the drug problem. Verdict: A well organised and committed network. The Webtender www. Choose the glass, favourite ingredients, get a serving suggestion and rating of an almost limitless list of permutations so far! If you like what you see, the friendly Webtender will gladly turn book store proprietor and you can mix these creations at your next party.

Verdict: Bookmark site, buy book, follow instructions, book caterers and band, and shout all your friends a cab home. Employment Associates Group www. Have a big weekend, did we? The site is filled with plenty of drug information, reasonably unbiased and well-meaning with lots of drug support group contacts, but one gets the impression these people would like the whole world to miraculously cease the urge to get intoxicated, but just before they do, that their employers buy millions of drug testing kits to help talk them into it.

Poor site construction with huge fonts on some pages. Verdict: Those nasty illegal drugs are going, yet again to help make a few people - including EAG - indirectly very rich. Plenty of helpful info. Partnership for a Drug-Free America www. This site is good because it seems to not be so biased toward illicit drugs and acknowledges the severe impact of all the legally condoned ones. The mission of this organisation seems a little too idealistic, but you never know… Verdict: Overall a useful and informative site with a noble albeit unrealistic mission. Acute Effects of Marihuana The document describes many lab tests carried out to establish LD Official Big Bong Home Page www.

Whereas in the big bang theory, the whole universe was emitted from a single point, the author wishes to achieve world peace by building a single statue. ORG www. Impartially presented facts, figures, studies, reports, news articles, and feedback from you, the surfer, make this site a much needed source of information for a much publicised and criticised drug.

Verdict: Get informed, be warned, beware, then when the coast is clear….

The Sydney Morning Herald

If pain persists, see your doctor. Mind Books - Psychedelic Titles www. Books, yes, books, those original mind-expanding devices are available by the truckload here. Categorised by subject with cover art and brief descriptions, every kind of drug and drug-related topic is dealt with here. A free dead-tree catalogue is available, and ordering is easy.

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Seems this thing goes all the way to the top. And we let their burger chains and movies in? The lord works in mysterious ways. MedicineNet www. Qualified and certified physicians. A-Z pharmaceutical descriptions like that slip of paper you get with your medications are both informative and scary, making some illicit prescriptions look positively tame in comparison. Check all the other health and medical info on the site. Slick front page design and nice background, but light on the web whiz bang from there on in. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws www.

Tirelessly fighting the draconian laws invoked earlier this century just about when nylon was invented, NORML not only gives you real power to affect change through their channels, but an incredible wealth of political, historical and medical information about this popular but controversial herb. Along with DRCNet, this is a big gun in the real drug war, the war of law reform.

Verdict: An essential bookmark, information heavy, but leading you into the marijuana minefield with experience and expertise. Vintage Video's Drug Den www. Verdict: Quite a selection of curiously-titled gems. Flue-Cured Tobacco Co-operative www. Yee haa!!! North Florida Shroom Guide www. The graphics are definitely psilocybin inspired. Disembodied Eyes www. We are talking ethnopharmacology, the science of tribal drug-taking. Once you delve into this field, you will wonder what all the fuss is about the few mild narcotics our society seems so hung up on.

Plenty of cool links, too. You may have to relinquish your belief systems first, though. This is the world of shamans and ancient magic. The Shroom Room www. Verdict: Buy. Medical Marijuana www. No problem, just order up your supply of medicine from these dudes. Somehow, it seems a little spurious that these supposedly authorised dope dealers are prescribing smoking as a health option. It kind of gives away the game that they really just want to legalise pot for everyone, since smoking the stuff ought to be a big no-no on the medical front. This is a loophole that needs mending and a real solution found to the issue.

Verdict: Tell your doctor to check it out, you may be in dire need of smoking a big joint to cure your emphysema. The Psychedelic Underground Philez www. This collection of downloadable. Narcotics Anonymous www. This is the world H. Maybe in a few years time they will be able to sort you out form the comfort of your desktop.

But until then, this is just info only for those that are ready to take the big step, or twelve. Verdict: Check the number of local help-lines, this has got to be working! Sovrana Trading Corporation - Lavazza Coffee sovrana. Sexy images, paraphernalia and historical information of this year old stimulant manufacturer all affirm the general acceptance we have of this drug into our culture, and the marketing and packaging that comes with legitimacy.

If you are a real coffee addict, Sovrana has put up a few coffee links to follow once you finished here. Caffeine is here to stay. Recreational Drug Futures no longer operational Corner41 presents us here with what looks like a real stock-market report of drug prices in Australia. Visitors from overseas could be fooled into thinking there was some major drug trading going on in this country, which, of course, there is.

At the bottom of the page there are some links to some fictitious magazine style marijuana ads you might like to have a chuckle at. Verdict: Look into the crystal ball. Addiction Research Foundation www. They have done so well that their efforts can now help the entire planet via this most comprehensive web site. ARF has put in the effort in a caring and thoughtful way. Those lovely Canadians! Verdict: Bookmark, and before you begin spiralling down that dark tunnel of addiction, take a look at a few facts here. There may just be some light at the end of the tunnel. The Vaults of Erowid www.

The creators of Erowid seem to view chemical stimulation of the mind as a spiritual experience, almost inseparable from the condition of being human. Armed with their beliefs and about a million hours of spare web programming time, they present us with all things chemical in a sometimes dark and psychedelic, sometimes clean and clinically informative arena where the mind can expand beyond all measure, unless, of course you are measuring in milligrams.

Links are excellent, as well, with both pro and anti-drug addresses represented. Verdict: Check this site out now, before they all get arrested and burnt at the stake along with their evil computers. Hyperreal Drug Archives www. Hyperreal is an alternative culture zenith in the cybercelestial galaxy, and the drug department leaves many a stand-alone drug site for dead. The emphasis is on the newer rave party drugs, but you will still find your opiates, depressants and nootropics.

There is even a city by city price report! High Times Magazine www. Verdict: Another essential bookmark for the narcotic oriented web surfer. The Lycaeum www. Chat rooms, on line store, member services, drug war archives, they certainly seem to have a lot of bases covered here. They even host users personal and business pages. Anyone would think, upon viewing this site, that drug laws had been reformed years ago.

Verdict: Visit it, join it, contribute to it, the Lycaeum is your very own world of the ever-expanding mind. If that means sitting around all red-eyed and talking drivel while craving chocolate biscuits, then they might have something here. Verdict: Must be about time to roll another joint, God. Make it a big one, we are going straight to heaven!

Wet Planet Beverages www. Wet Planet want to soak the web with the marketing of products that do little more than what a vitamin tablet, a glass of water and a no-doze could easily manage. These drinks make you feel so goooood. How far can product creation go? Jolt Gallery www. Not much else here, though, is there? Verdict: This site has got about as much content as a thimbleful of Jolt, but it is amusing. Concerning Heroin atlas. Neo-Nazi-s, Speed Metal heads, Hippies, astrologers. The site is an incredible documentary of American street life.

Here is heroin - deglamourized and demystified. Links galore if you are researching this most powerful of painkillers. Verdict: Quick, someone bus in a team of therapists! Not to help these people, but to learn from them. The intention is to reduce ignorance and expand the useful potential of psycho active drugs. There are members, so the knowledge and skills base is broad. They even hold conferences!

Imagine the cocktail party and dinner on day 5. Verdict: Throw away your bongs, the vapourizers are coming. National Families In Action www. The information is clear and accurate on the whole, and between the lines you can feel the sadness some of these families have probably felt as their own members succumbed to drugs.

A counterbalance to the counterculture. Cures Not Wars On Line www. The focus of the drug problem for this organisation is the structure of the market, and the way the profiteers are using the highly addictive drugs to pervade society, while other just as enjoyable, but non-addictive drugs remain out of reach, even unheard of.

Crew www. The idea is to create realistic profile of what drugs are to help people choose to use or not to use. If they decide to use, the Crew are there to help you piece your brain back together the next day. This is one of the first sites I have seen to mention solvents. Verdict: The simple, impartial and realistic approach is certainly admirable. A practical handy hints site for young potential statistics. National Institute on Drug Abuse www. Verdict: For all the effort, there are probably many other places you would turn to first.

They might come to you, though, after your 15th arrest. Sound Photosynthesis sound. Most of this stuff would probably never come to your local video store, but there is so much material here it will only be a matter of time before it becomes a cable TV channel. Go check it out. Base Jumping www. Dozens of photos of people doing what comes unnaturally - leaping to their deaths, only to be saved by a bit of string and fabric. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there are no how-to's, tips and tricks here, just a dude celebrating his and his friends outrageous addiction, which he even had to sell his Porsche to maintain.

It looks pretty damn exciting, but I'm sure you'd void all your insurance policies even thinking about doing it. You can follow the links to the cliff-jumping association to make sure you stay alive if you ever want to try this at home. Sample: The pictures speak for themselves. No text here. Verdict: Contradicting the basic urge to stay alive - uh, feels good!

Snowboarding Australia www. Sponsorships aplenty offer opportunities for young dudes and dudettes in colourful garb, to rise through the world ranks and blow the world away with their acrobatic risk-taking displays. Thanks to the SBA, Aussie riders are getting the support and organisational backing to make a big splash on the world scene. Events, rankings, profiles and sponsorship links make this site a respectable vehicle for the burgeoning sport. Countless photos, movie clips, a chat room, mailing list digests, simulation software, commercial suppliers, clubs, schools, cartoons and comics - you'd have to say they have got all the bases covered.

All you have to do now is strap up and leap! Add your link if you have your own hang gliding site. This really is HG HQ. Anything that throws you skyward without a safety net is here. Paragliding, powered parachutes, ultra-lights, sailplanes and home made death traps are guaranteed to get the adrenal gland over-producing. Sample: "Hang Glider Wanted - I began lessons years ago and quit due to wife. She's now gone, but desire to continue lessons isn't. Need good beginner glider. Welcome to SkydiveNet www. After checking out the fatalities page, which is dedicated to highlighting what went wrong and trying to prevent future airborne mishaps, you can follow a link to dropzone.

Sample: "The deceased hit the ground. The reserve container was open, but this could have been from impact. One report indicates some heavy partying the night before, with very little sleep before resuming jumping. He was not using an audible altimeter. Lessons: Pull thy handles. If something seems "strange" pull right away Know Thyself: If you're exhausted, or really hungover, you're in no shape to skydive. Not just content to gloat about plane jumping prowess, he also offers new chute designs, events, forums, safety issues and featured flying freaks, making for an all round exhilarating experience.

Heaps of dramatic photos, too, in all disciplines. This is the skydiving community in action. Join the club! Sample: "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you. Paul's Parachuting www. Shockwave whiz-bangery entices you in a big way to overcome your fears and take the plunge. What have you got to lose? Oh yes, your life… well, go the tandem jump and leave it up to the professionals to get you down in one uncompressed piece. Sample: "Up to 60 seconds of mind blowing free-fall, followed by 5 minutes under parachute - the most spectacular view in the world.

Advanced Ultralight Aircraft and Aviation News www. Doesn't anyone realise how dangerous they are? How can you expect to tinker around with a lawn mower motor, strap it onto a few pillow cases stretched across coathangers and expect to live if you launch yourself skyward? Well many a folk do, and here is where the madness begins. You never know when the "putt-putt" sound will stop and be replaced by the "aaaaaaarrrrgghhhh" sound. Sample: "While the human body has amazing recuperative properties don't I know it - 12 broken ribs, two punctured lungs, broken back, broken leg, broken ankle, fractured pelvis - a two stroke engine "can not heal itself!

Skateworld come. How to do the coolest moves, blueprints to build your own ramps, a few links, message board, chat and photos pepper this place with features, but unfortunately the dude needs to get his marketing together to make it really fly. Anyone wanna email him and pick up the slack here? Most of the hard work is done and it is getting use, just needs some corporate cred. Sample: "Hard-flip -Try this move still at first. Stand in kick-flip position with your feet in close.

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Pop the tail then let the board go inbetween your legs. If you do this correctly the board should do a half spin back-flip and a half kick-flip. Then land. Welcome to the Wild Things. If you wanna know for sure, jump into this list and make your heart sing and make everything groovy, as they have already categorised the sports and adventures and attracted a whole pile of submissions of cool sites in every category.

At least you have narrowed your search down to a few dozen or so sites to browse - BMX, bungee, kayaking, skating, paintball - all the fun stuff. Nose Wheelie Home www. It was a world of 's, slalom, handstands, click clacks and of course the then very cool nose wheelie. Here we have a nostalgic yet up-to-date zone for those of us who haven't quite caught up with the up-and-coming aerial tricksters. Link yourself to a whole world of old-schoolers and if you skate through some of these cyber-parks, you may even decide to pull out the old deck and start practicing up a few new tricks, you old dog.

Sample: "You won't find much on how to do ollies here, but we do link to some of the better "new school" pages. We mainly cover longboarding along with some of the forgotten skateboard disciplines--flatland freestyle, bank riding, slalom, downhill, etc. Sure you can get all the trick parts to get you through your next overland endurance or stunt riding challenge, but this is a web site, not a mail order catalogue. Where is the news, tech tips, message board, cool rider of the week, competition roster, readers' sites?

This is the Internet, dudes. Now get on your bike and follow a link outta here. I think not. Verdict: Xtremely disappointing. A-Z of Paragliding www. That seems to be paragliding. Easy to maintain pages allow for plenty of info to be posted and udpdated without forking out mega-bucks for a redesign. A straight forward approach of "link to us, we'll link to you, we got the domain so we'll dish out the info", gives the enthusiast a trouble free flight through the site. They have even linked to the AltaVista translator to make it easy for everyone.

Sample: "Reserve parachute. If you end up throwing it, make sure that it will open have it repacked at least every 6 months. In fact make sure that it is still there unlike the story of the guy who threw out some lunch box instead of the reserve that should have been there! New Zealand Snowboarding - Boarder Zone www. Clean, colourful and packed with content, boarderzone not only instils in the viewer a sense of excitement about snowboarding and the NZ scene, it takes you there and everywhere with a travel department dedicated to shoving your face in the snow at every available opportunity.

It's gotta be good for tourism, and it's definitely great for the sport. Reports, chat, events, features, weather reports and multimedia grabs make this one happening stop-over on your global chase for thrills and spills in the winter chill. Sample: "Dash for cash - Third place went to Queenstown's Miles Holden who tried to gain extra speed from flares attached to his skis, but incurred some wind resistance from a huge pair of artificial breasts.. Yo Beat Magazine www. If these guys were any cooler they'd freeze. The hippest cats this side of an MTV game show, give you the vibes from the slopes, dishing out the humour, the attitude and the full coverage of the hard-core boarding events.

Join the in-crowd, invest in a plane ticket, some woolly underwear and a case of beer, and you'll, be, like, yo…totally sick and insane. It didn't matter what you dissed on, as long as you were above it, and you were, of course, better than just about everything. Since you finally wised up to the fact that snowboard rock is but commercial pop, and Rap is only cool when you're wearing your Tommy Gear, this year you worshiped the number of the beast.

Slayer, Sabbath, Metallica- it doesn't matter as long as it went along with the skull and flames of your Yohan sticker. Death, Destruction, Mutilation; Metal Lives! Extreme Explorations www. EE does just that. They travel the globe with the world's best and film those action shots you can't help fixing your gaze on if they happen to grace a screen within view. With tales of the filming, samples, a net show and press releases, you are taken into the "adrenaline zone" - never to be the same again.

Switch on to the power of multi-media action. If you are an adventurer yourself, perhaps you should send them your resume. Who knows what they'll be looking to film next? Sample: "We will highlight the people living extreme lives, who, while exploring the frontiers of human potential, actively seek a harmonious balance between the world's ecosystem and human adventure. Tasmanian Wild River Adventures www.

The email link? I haven't seen the site yet. The departure dates? Ah, so that's where the site is hiding! The backyard web design job I guess goes hand in hand with the rugged wilderness settings you'll be seeing blurs of as you pelt down the rivers of death gripping the sides with white knuckles and grinding teeth. I don't think even a chopper could pluck you out if you blew it on the water. Check the maps, the river itinerary.

It's actually a fantastic way to see our wilderness with a bit of hair-raising thrown in. Well-priced, too. Sample: "The day trip gives rafters the opportunity to experience the river in all its forms. As a young, narrow river high in the mountains, it winds through untouched, narrow gorges before building in size as tributaries enter through the majestic and challenging "Great Ravine".

In the lower sections, the landforms change as the Franklin widens, and rafters are struck by the contrast of long tranquil sections interposed with both large and gentle rapids. Latitude Zero www. These are also the days of positive thinking - whatever you can dream, you can be - that kind of thing. Mike is out to not only take on the planet's last big test, but also to cash in on it big time on the corporate speaking circuit when he's done.

Check out the amazing route - around the equator - no turns, no diversions. Follow the whole trip right here. The highs, the lows, the absolute stupidity of even trying. Sample: "He will sail across the oceans, walk across land through dense jungle, over volcanoes, mountains, deserts, lakes and swampland. After 16 months of physical and mental endurance, pushing himself to his absolute limit, he will reach his destination — his exact starting point!

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The Mountaineers' Home Page www. Since , the Mountaineers as an organisation has seen it all, in the way of major achievements and technological advances, that have brought the mountain much closer to all of us. With all that history behind it, the web site can offer plenty in the way of reading material, pictorials, courses, networks, activities and a club magazine to bond all the crazy people together in their desire to do what spiders, ants and cockroaches do every day - climb up walls.

Sample: "The Mountaineers is a non-profit outdoor recreation and conservation club with over 15, members in the Puget Sound region and beyond. Our members share a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for good fellowship. The Himalayan Explorers Club www. That way you won't have to end up a failed and frozen nameless corpse, but rather a successful also-ran, sitting by the fire back home with a renewed sense of wonder at the large white sticking out bits we think we know so well.