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The number nineteen birthday characterises an individual who is anti-conformist on the inside who wants to be distinguished and in the spotlight. He is very loyal and manages to make lightning fast, but always rational decisions. One of the qualities that lets him overcome problems in life is his considerable moral resilience.

His desire to always be the centre of attention can cause him certain anxiety, especially in moments of weakness. He is in fact afraid of making errors that would make him look ridiculous in front of others; he should try to be more comprehensive and humble towards himself and towards others. You are a hard worker and an important fixture in any enterprise in which you are involved. People are attracted to your deep commitment to your work, and the steadiness with which you do it.

Birthday Numbers - 1, 10, 19 & 28 (Numerology Decoded)

You are a pioneer at heart; you are willing to take risks to get what you desire. As such, you are willing to change your environment often, and even enjoy doing so. Your challenge is to achieve a wider degree of perspective on yourself and others. Exchange ideas with others, lest you become insulated and isolated by your own perspective.

Your Birth Day is at the Core of Your Numerology Chart

This can become a kind of prison for you. You can be highly stubborn, which emanates from fear. Try to see that all of life is but an ecosystem, a life cycle delicately balanced in such a way that everyone is supporting. You are demonstrative in your affections and willing to sacrifice for others.

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